Army and Military Applications

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Army and Military Applications

Post by GM on Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:22 pm

All characters on this site have the ability to command a force of troops.  The amount and the power of the force varies and depends great on the character in charge.  Npc armies are afforded to who have enough Honor or gold to purchase them.  A character can rally a (mob) maximum of 20 npcs for every 10sp of leadership.  The maximum number increases when titles and ranks are earned.  Maximum numbers for leadership of 100sp are 500 for a landed knight, 2000 for a character of noble birth, 5,000 for a lord, 20,000 for a liege lords, 40,000 for regional kings and the hand of the king.  At any given time the King of the Realm can summon 60,000 troops.

Any character that has less than 100sp in leadership will control less npc soldiers or units.  To find the total number of npc men that a character can control simple take the maximum and divide by 10.  40,000/10=4,000  A regional king is allowed 4,000 men per every 10sp in their leadership stat. 

Disclaimer On Npc Troops: The npc troops mentioned above are cannon fodder and when compared to an actual character their maximum stats would probably sit at 5-50 in all regular stats with 0 in magic. However if the combined stats of the enemy force exceeds the character, the character would certainly be overwhelmed by that force. 

Standard Units:


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