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First off, respect the staff.  They are doing a job that they don't get paid for, for the enjoyment of it.  There may likely be a bonus or reward for the people that are willing and worthy enough to become members of the sites staff.  Do not complain about that.  The amount of staff on the site will be determined by many circumstances.  A lot of work goes into a site with this style of play, even more so the more users the site has.  Staff members will be picked based on a criteria that has been created from the personal experiences of the founding staff.  Necessity and qualifications will only be a part of that.  Respect other users.  They just want to have fun on the site too.

Respect goes both ways.  Staff members must be respectful of members in the same way we expect respect from the everyday user.  A functioning site must have happy members, and the best way to destroy a site is a tyrannical staff.  I've witnessed it first hand on more than one occasion.  Staff judgments maybe harsh at times but will always be just.  Any user that feels they're a victim of a staff member abusing their power, send me a pm and I will personally investigate the accusations.  All users have a right to a second opinion.  A second opinion however does not erase the first.  If a contradictory judgment is made, then a part of the administrative staff will review the content and make a final decision.  If you are successful in you're appeal please know, no staff member will be held accountable for making a small mistake; it happens to the best of us.  If you are ruled against, take it as it is and move on.

Keep arguments in thread to a minimum if any at all. Game Masters will be instructed to stamp out any such behavior swiftly. If something isn't right or fair, first try to civilly talk to the person via pm. Assuming that doesn't work then get the staff involved. Like I mentioned before the staff at times, will have to act as judge and jury but we'd really rather be working to improve the forum Such things as petty squabbles between users only serves to slow or halt any improvement or plans.


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