Active and Passive Stas - WIP

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Active and Passive Stas - WIP

Post by GM on Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:15 pm

Standard Stats: Every time a character levels up he or she receives 10 stat points or SP for shot.  Stats go by whole numbers with a feat being clearly explained for every 10 points in each stat.  Normally stats have an upward limit of 100, with exceptions to the rule being race, bonus, and so on and so forth, etc.

Strength: The base stat used while calculating damage. Damage is equal to strength at a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning of the user has 30 strength; the foe would receive 30 damage (not including bonuses and debuffs).  Besides being a simple damage stat, strength is part of the equation when calculating how quickly a character is when they're attacking.

Speed: Not only does speed determine swiftness of the character, it also has several mechanical functions.  Speed gives us an idea how far a character or army can move in a post or a total thread.  In battle speed gives us an idea, when combined with other specific stats (strength and perception respectively); how fast the character is attacking and how quickly the character can perceive and react to an attack.      
Endurance: Endurance reduces the amount of health a character loses when hit by an attack. For every 10sp of endurance 5% of damage is reduced from the attack for a maximum of 50% at 100sp (not including bonuses).  Endurance helps to determine how long a character can endure harsh conditions such as extreme heat, cold, and high altitude before losing health.  

Agility: Determines how spry the character is and how far he or she can jump.  For every 10sp of agility the user is able to avoid 1% of damage when dodging.  A maximum of 10% at 100sp.  Agility also serves the determining factor in stealth.  Any character with perception lower than the foes agility will not be able to sense an attack coming.  If agility and perception are equal the target must be on-guard to an attempted attack.  Of course this is assuming the would be assassin or stalker didn't walk into the targets line of sight or do something else to draw attention to themselves.

Skill: Determines how well a character can fight or use a weapon in combat.  Skill modifies strength with 2% of extra damage for every 10sp of skill as well as reduces damage dealt to the user by 1% for every 10sp of skill when blocking or parrying an attack.  In total skill can reduce damage up to 10% and raise outgoing damage by up to 20%.  When combined with perception we're able to calculate a character's accuracy.  

Perception: Determines how well the user can hone the five senses.  Any person trying to use stealth on a character with higher perception than their own agility is sure to be sensed and found out.  Even if the foe's agility is equal to the character's perception, so long as the character is on-guard the attack will likely fail.

Intellect: Determines how well the character is at any given profession that requires learning to excel.  Anything from a Maester to a Baker will need intellect to do their jobs correctly, and the more intellect the character possess the better the character will be at their jobs.  Any bonuses received from a learned profession will increase by 1% for every 10sp of intellect.

Leadership/Charm: Leadership determines how well the character can lead, a trait important to any character born into a noble house especially those of liege lords.  Besides leadership, the stat includes how likable a character is.  The higher the leadership the character possess the more troops the user can use and how quickly they gain friends and enemies.  Npc armies are afforded to who have enough Honor to purchase them.  A character can rally a (mob) maximum of 20 or so npcs for every 10sp of leadership.  The maximum number increases when titles and ranks are earned.  Maximum numbers for leadership of 100sp are 500 for a landed knight, 2000 for a character of noble birth, 5,000 for a lord, 20,000 for a liege lords, 40,000 for regional kings and the hand of the king.  At any given time the King of the Realm can summon 60,000 troops. ((Disclaimer On Npc Troops: The npc troops mentioned above are cannon fodder and when compared to an actual character their maximum stats would probably sit at 5-50 in all regular stats with 0 in magic. However if the combined stats of the enemy force exceeds the character, the character would certainly be overwhelmed by that force))

Magic: Determines how efficient a character is when they possess a magic ability or profession.  Magic would compete with the other stats on a 1 to 1 level, meaning a green seer with a magic of 50 used roots to attack a knight with a strength of 60; it would hack through it in four turns if the seer continually produce more roots. At 100sp of strength versus 50sp of magic or if the green seer stopped producing, the knight would cleave through the roots instantly.  If the magic and strength were equal the root would hold the knight for 1 turn for every 10sp of magic the seer has or pull the knight back if the power is greater.  A knight of 50 strength would be restrained completely by a green user with 60 in magic in four turns or instantly against a green seer with 100 magic.  A character may roll one time for a chance to increase their maximum magic to 150sp.

Other Stats:

Health: Health starts at 100 and goes up passively every level; 5 for the Children, 10 for humans, and 20 for giants.  Once health reaches 0 the character is on the brink of death, their heart has stopped.  Only those versed in the medical mysteries and ones that have knowledge of the cause have any chance of reviving a character once their health reaches 0.  Any wound that takes a character below 0 would be death, very few natural things can be done to revive the character at this point.  

Companionship: (Increases by 1 for every 10 SP in the other character's Leadership, per instance of friendly interaction or goes down by 5 for every unfriendly interaction.  Zero companionship means the character does not know the other, however a negative number means dislike of the other character.  The feeling increasing the higher or lower the number goes. Ties and bonds mentioned in history give an automatic boost starting out.  Any immediate familial ties grant 50 points tie such as; mother, brother, father, son, daughter, and sister.  All other familial ties grant 30 points.  Previous friendships grants 20, while covenant “brothers” gives 60 points.  Blood maybe thicker than water, or is it blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb? That is for you to choose.

Accuracy: Passive stat that is obtained by taking the median number of the Perception and Skill stats.  Every 10sp in accuracy is about 10%, giving the character a 10% hit/miss ratio (still targets) at 10sp.  Accuracy determines how well a character can aim and fire ranged weapons.  Accuracy determines how accurate a shot is and how far a character can accurately shoot from.  The farther the distance between the character and the target, the less accurate the shot will be.  A maximum distance for 100% accuracy at 100sp is 250 yards.  Every 50 yard after 250, reduces accuracy by 20%.  At 500 yards on any character with 100sp in accuracy has a 1% chance at hitting a target.  

Reaction Time: Passive stat that is obtained by taking the median number of the Perception, Speed, and Intellect stats.  Reaction time is pretty straight forward, it determines how quickly a character can perceive and react to an attack.  If this stat is smaller than the foe's action time, the character will likely get hit before they can react.  However if the reaction time is higher than the foes action time, the character will be able to react accordingly and possibly shave off some damage.  

Action Time: Passive stat the is obtained by finding the average of the Strength and Speed stats.  The stat determines how fast a character can preform an action.  If the character's attack is faster (according to the Action Time Stat) the character's attack will likely hit before they can defend or avoid it.  On the other hand if the attack is slower than the foe's reaction time they will probably be able to avoid a chunk of the damage.


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