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Companionship is somewhat like a passive stat between a character and any other character's that character knows.  A character's companionship increases by 1 for every 10 SP in the other character's leadership, of friendly interaction or; goes down by 5 for every unfriendly interaction. Whether a situation is friendly or unfriendly will usually be obvious however it maybe different on a character to character basis. A character's personality can make the stat extremely fluid. One character that loses a duel may gain favor, while another may start to harbor great resentment.  Certain characters that may even build resentment towards another character in threads where the other doesn't participate, if negative consequences become a result of their previous negative interaction. Zero companionship means the character does not know the other, however a negative number means dislike of the other character; while finally a positive number means a positive feel of the other character.  The feeling increasing the higher or lower the number goes.  Ties and bonds mentioned in history give an automatic boost starting out.  Any immediate familial ties grant 50 points. Mother, brother, father, son, daughter, sister.  All other familial ties grant 30 points.  Previous friendships grants 20, while covenant “brothers” gives 60 points.  Certain actions can cause a modifier to be given on one or both character(s).  Killing a family member or loved one of a character would garner a negative modifier equal to that of the relationship that the character had with the dead.  On the other hand if a character saves another character's life they may obtain a modifier equal to half of their total leadership stat.  Blood maybe thicker than water, or is it blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb?  That is for you to choose.  A cannon example of covenant brothers would be the bond between Robert and Eddard.  

5 points means the character's are friendly with each other.  -5 would mean the character would act unfriendly towards the other.
10 is the development of a friendship.  At -10 the character is likely to become an enemy.  
20 points means the character thinks of the other as a strong acquaintance.  -20 points means the character's involved are openly enemies.
30 points in companionship means the character has a love for the other.  -30 means the characters have an open resentment of the other. May build resentment when not interacting with the other character (dependent on personality).
40 gives the character a great love for the other.  40 points means the character's have a boarder line hate for the other.  
50 makes it difficult to betray the other, loyalty starts here.  -50 means the character would jump at an opportunity to betray the other.  
60 is the point at which friendly family members fall into.  At-60 a character's enemies actively plot to encumber them.
70 allows characters to resist any control that would make them go against their friend.  -70 makes a character's enemies actively try to betray and usurp them.  
80 towards a character allows the other to warg into them similar to the Hodor situation, they would likely give their lives for the other at this point.  -80 causes the character to despise even the family and friends of the character they hate.  
90 give the character a feeling of great loyalty and love for the other.  -90 is a great divide between the two characters.  Any positive interaction only gives 1/4th of the points it should give.
100 points makes for nearly absolute loyalty, all negative interactions are reduced to 1/4th.  -100 is pretty much the point of no return.  Positive interactions only give 1% of the total points intended.  Any fractions are rounded down, meaning any positive interaction below 10 point would go down to 0.


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