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Honor System

Post by GM on Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:33 pm

Honor is a spendable currency like points that can be earned by simply role-playing and participating in events such as tourneys.  Different situations earn different amounts of honor, think of something a knight could do that would earn him honor; if you think it does, it probably does.  Ask a member of the staff if a particular situation would earn a character honor.  Honor earned in a thread would likely be a small amount while honor earned in a tourney will probably be the quickest and most lucrative way to earn honor.  Honor can be used to by things like lordships (if no one else has taken the spot), the knight and king's guard professions.

Character's use honor for anything from gaining their spurs to forging links of a Maester's chain.  Every character earns 100 honor points at the end of every thread, whether or not they've done something honorable.  For the most part, honor will be awarded on a situational basis.  Most regular thread honor will be awarded at the discretion of the GM running the thread.  Any extra honor gained in a regular thread (non event) will likely total less than 1,000H total per thread.  Winning a joust or melee event could typically fetch the user anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 honor points.  Being a champion of the joust or melee give the user 2,000 honor when all is said and done.  Every foe the user defeats is 500 points of honor for an non playable character or 1,000H points for a playable character.  

Characters may possess more than one title at a time. Certain titles like knight and master of arms are also professions which garner the character a small bonus. Every title or rank listed below provides the character with 1/10th the cost of the title or rank to the character at the end of every thread assuming the user is able to make 5 posts per profession in the thread. When determining which title or rank gets priority if the user hasn't met their five post quota for all of their titles, the more expensive the title the higher it in the order.

Honor doesn't always automatically allow a character to purchase the title or rank they want.  If another character already has the title then they first have to be removed from power before another character can assume the roll.  An npc will relinquish power to any direct heir that has enough honor to take the position.  A three day waiting period will be established before the promotion is finalized.  In that time any characters related to the retiring lord may claim the title if they have the points.  The promotion will be given to the eldest, most direct, heir; who is usually a male.  Any characters directly in line but farther down in the line may challenge any character further up the line to a duel once.  The higher positioned character may refuse, however that will result in a loss of 1,000H per denial.  Victory gains the challenged character 2,000H and the title while defeat still garners the challenged 500H.  The challenger gains only the title upon victory and a loss of 1,000H upon defeat.  Any challenger must purchase the title before issuing a challenge.  When a title is purchased the honor is subtracted from their total, regardless of the outcome to any challenge.  

Titles and Ranks can be gained or issued by other means than being purchased with honor.  The first in line for any particular lordship will be given the lordship regardless the honor point they possess if the current lord is killed or removed from his station.  Titles must make sense with the sites unique cannon.  Even if a random beggar has the honor points to be Hand of the King, it's unlikely he'd ever be chosen for the position and as such the character would be denied by the staff.  If the beggar somehow saved the king's life or if the king is a playable character it would become possible.  

Unfortunately as this is a simulation of the series A Song of Ice and Fire, certain characteristics of a character may stop them from receiving a particular rank or title.  Lordships and knighthood are less likely or even impossible for female characters to possess.  Certain workarounds maybe used to bypass this most tragic reality of the times.  Said workarounds are often seen as un-honorable and would likely come with harsh punishments, if the character were to be found out.        

Honor Cost:

1 link of a Maester's chain: 200H

Hedge Knight: 1,500H

Landed Knight: 3,000H

Castellan: 2,000H

Master of Arms: 3,000H

Small Lord (Mormont/Baelish): 5,000H

Lord (Bolton/Frey): 8,000H

Liege Lord (Stark/Lannister): 10,000H

Crowned Prince: 10,000H

Master of Whispers: 8,000H

Master of Coin: 7,000H

Master of Laws: 9,000H

Lord Commander of the City Guard: 6,000H

City Guard: 200H

Grand Maester (30 link minimum): 15,000H

Maester (10 link minimum): 500H

Arch Maester of the Citadel (50 link minimum): 20,000H

Hand of the King: 20,000H

Master of Ships: 9,000H

Kingsguard: 7,000H

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: 15,000H

Man of the Night's Watch: 100H

Night's Watch Steward: 200H

Night's Watch Builder: 500H

Night's Watch Ranger: 1,000H

Fort Commander: 2,000

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch: 5,000H

King of the Land (rebel): 25,000H

King of the Seven Kingdoms: 40,000H


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