Taxation and Lordships -wip

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Taxation and Lordships -wip

Post by GM on Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:07 pm

All lords of the realm must put forth a minimum of 5% of the total income from their land and smallfolk as tribute to the coffers of the crown.  While the crown does oversee the taxation of the lords to a degree, it generally falls upon the liege lords of the region to make certain their vassals pay their fair share.  Liege lords in turn tax smaller lords and the smallfolk in their realm of protection while lords small and large tax their smallfolk.  Taxes are mostly collected from those that own property, farms and business bring in a good portion of the wealth collected.  Other taxes such as import and export are usually collected at port while some even collect dock fees.  The governing bodies have a number of ways to make money off of their subjects. 

For any character with a lordship, taxation of the smallfolk will be the main source of income for any upkeep or improvements for their realm of protection (or they could pocket it...).  Things like raising an army to squash bandits or building a grainery or maintenance for roads and bridges all require the income.  Any character that obtains a lordship is required to maintain their holdings or hire an npc to do so.  Both the greatest loss and gain will come from direct character management.  A specific thread which holds the accounts will be created for each specific character played lord.  The character must appear in the thread for a minimum of fives posts once every month, assuming they are handling the books themselves.  For the most part the user will roleplay a short situation with a GM with their character being the only one in the thread.  Other characters are welcome in the account thread as along as they are accompanied by the lord. 

Each lord will have a base income for their realm, collected from the smallfolk and such based on the resources and general population.  The more character lords the more income there is for liege lords and the crown.  Any base income will be further increased by any taxes collected from player characters for liege lords and the crown.  Many smallfolk, landed knights with tower keeps, and farm based operations don't have coinage on hand so goods and properties worth the total amount are collected instead.


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