Skill Based Styles and Techniques

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Skill Based Styles and Techniques

Post by GM on Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:07 pm

Any skill based activity, especially fighting styles must be purchased with honor points.  Skills such as sword fighting, archery, jousting, and horseback riding must be purchased.  All skill based activities are separated into three stages; basic, intermediate, and advanced.  All skills have a base buy in of 100 honor.  To obtain a basic proficiency in a skill the user must have at least 10sp of skill.  Once at 30sp and 70sp of skill the user may progress to intermediate and advanced respectively.  The honor cost to obtain intermediate is 500 while advanced costs 1000 honor points.  Additionally a character may have one skill in which they are a master of.  The first requirement of master status if a skill of at least 100sp.  At the time of application the user will be given a choice of three conditions, they must meet one of those conditions.   

While it's not necessary to purchase techniques to swing a sword or ride a horse, it is required to do the technique well.  A rider that doesn't have a technique will find it difficult and awkward to even mount a horse.  The rider would likely fall off if the horse moved suddenly or began to move at pace faster than a slow walk.  A user with a basic proficiency would out battle a user without any technique nine times out of ten.  It's recommended that characters have at least a basic proficiency with all skills they attempt to use.  Some skills or techniques may require proficiency with a secondary stat.

The sheet to created a technique or style can be found in the Gift of the Warrior forum.  We don't required the user to list individual technique (you may if you want), but we do require the user to write up a description of what their character can do at each level, basic - intermediate - advanced.  The description must be a lengthy paragraph of at least ten sentences.  Real world fighting styles and techniques are welcome, just make sure to make them your own.

Basic proficiency of a style or technique allows the character to use and pull off low level techniques.  Intermediate is for mid level moves.  Advanced are for moves only seasoned warriors would be able to pull off.  Mastery is for moves that would seem crazy or impossible for someone normal.  Think of a gymnast leaping from bar to bar doing spins before landing flat on their feet (of course something like that would require great agility as well).  Moves outside of the users current level can be used, however they have a higher likelihood of failure.  A character with no technique or a level of technique lower than the move they're trying to use is given a negative modifier.  Any user with character that does not have a technique or style will receive -1, -2, -3, and -4 as a negative modifier for the dice roll at the end of their turn.  The amount of the modifier is based on the basic - intermediate - Advanced - Master level techniques.  With the given description the user gave for each individual level it should be easy enough to determine which level a move falls under.  Characters with purchased styles receive an added bonus in the form of skill modifiers.

Negative Modifiers:

No Technique: -1B -2I -3A -4M

Basic Proficiency: -1I -2A -3M

Intermediate Proficiency: -1A -2M

Advanced Proficiency: -1M

Positive Modifiers:

Basic Proficiency: Skill +10%

Intermediate Proficiency: Skill +30%

Advanced Proficiency: Skill +50%

Mastery: Skill +80%


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