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Family Status

Post by GM on Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:56 pm

Most people that create a character will automatically go for the quickest route to power.  It's a unavoidable fact no matter what kind of game style or type.  It's perfectly fine to want to grow a character and we understand that some people want to do it faster than anyone else.  Unfortunately we live and rp in a world that has first sons that are much more likely to go farther in the world than their siblings.  When choosing you lineage make sure it fits with the sites cannon.    Found Here 

You want to be a Lannister?  Okay great!

First choose Lannister as you primary or secondary (major/greater or minor/lesser).  Greater? Okay! 

Now choose your secondary house.  House Reyne?  Sounds good! 

Choose your parentage, which Lannister is your father?  The Lord of Casterly Rock?  Check the site lore, the Lord of House Lannister has a mate mentioned in the lore. 

Switch the secondary parent to who the Lord of Lannister is partnered with?  Great!  You also have the option to be born of one of the Lord's brothers or cousins or even be a bastard of the Lord in order to keep you mother from house Reyne. 

You want to be the first born son?  Well that may be possible.  First you have to go to the Gift of the Father forum and go into the Westerlands and then into the House Lannister section where you then post in the Status thread rolling the Lineage Dice to determine the character's position of birth. 

Be mindful of both site lore and characters already created.  We can't have children running around older than their parents or third born sons older than their first born brother or sister.  After rolling you may choose to go down in the line of succession.  For example if you roll a 3, you may choose to go down to a 4 or even all the way down to a 7.  The rolls are first come first serve, meaning if you roll a 1 but its already taken; then you must go down the line to the first open number or further.  Order of birth is determined by the number on the dice. A 1 is the first born while a 7 is the last in line for that particular pairing.  Generally speaking character's that are children of any lord will be more limited than those out further from the lord such as his brothers, sisters, cousins, and other family.  After all seven spots are filled the next possible slot will be the first son of the next oldest brother.  Users may choose to take spots such as the first born of the next eldest brother of the lord as long as there are open spots in the line of succession up the line.  Once all seven spaces under the original lord are taken users will then have to roll for spots under the lords eldest sibling.


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