Accounts and Characters

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Accounts and Characters

Post by GM on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:28 pm

For now we only allow two active character per account. Users may create more than two characters with one single account, however only two characters maybe used. To use another character the current character must be killed off of retired. Per account as I mentioned before, means that users allowed more than one. Users are allowed up to three accounts. Please don't force me to go looking through IPs to figure out whether you're obeying this rule. Each rper has a style all their own, and I'm particularly good at sniffing out duplicates. Anyone caught with more than three accounts losing the privilege of having more than one account. If it happens again, there are more harsh punishments. Being banned is a lot like account death, and just like death in the real world; there are worse things than being banned. Take that as you will.


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